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With 30+ years in the industry, Julie Baysinger services clients all across the City, maintaining a professional reputation for excellence and color expertise.


Julie specializes in color for all hair types – thin, fine, wavy, frizzy, curly, straight, course, thick. Whatever your hair type, Julie is sure to deliver fabulous results. She takes pride in her work as well as the success of her clientele – offering expert service and professional recommendations for at-home hair care to meet individual needs. Julie particularly enjoys working with clients who have fine hair. Her intricate color placement and strategic cutting techniques work to accentuate volume perception for woman concerned about fine or thinning hair. She believes that fine hair should in no way detour you from sporting the latest styles and hottest new trends.


Julie has been certified as an Expert Color Educator for Framesi (Italian color line that is cutting-edge in the color world), a distinction that sets her apart from other stylists. This certification included for Julie intense training by top stylists in the industry, after which she was employed by the Framesi Corporation for 15 years. As part of her contract, Julie traveled extensively to educate stylists in color technique and was flown in quarterly by Framesi to analyze new hair color products and make recommendations. She also served on the corporate brainstorming team that makes and introduces new color trends to the public.


During her time with Framesi, Julie opened her own salon in Tulsa, OK – Salon Milan & Day Spa, which is still in business to this day. She operated the salon for 8+ years, but finding herself spread thin (after her fourth child was born), she decided to concentrate her career on the thing she loved the most – haircuts and color. Today, Julie dedicates her time exclusively to this passion. Her accomplished repertoire and professional experience as a pro stylist make Julie invaluable to those she services and keep her in high demand throughout the Metro area. Though she stays very booked, she is always excited to offer hair consultations to both men and women, making room for new clients, and working her magic to create amazing hair. “I was blessed to end up with a career that I truly love – where I can come to work every day and enjoy what I do.” And enjoy her job, she does!


When not in the Salon, Julie enjoys to the hilt spending time with her husband and their four children. She draws much inspiration from participating in Bible studies, fellowshipping with good friends over coffee, and being on the soccer field with her kids.

Salon By Julie Tulsa Hair Design
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