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Salon By Julie Tulsa Hair Design


Now a Marketing Partner with Monat Hair Products. For more information or to order goto


Monat provides technologically advanced haircare products with the most naturally-based “safe and sustainable” active botanicals - clinically proven to help prevent aging and boost natural hair growth. MONAT products are “made in the USA” in our own manufacturing facility and backed by scientific research, which guarantees close supervision of all production and high quality control. We are new, we are different, we are MODERN NATURE!

The longer you use Monat products, the healthier your hair will become! Look at the results below with 7 months use!


Moant products


Finally, hair care that truly cares for your hair. Through extensive clinical research, we have combined active botanical ingredients with state-of-the-art scientific technologies to deliver naturally based products that address the effects of the environment, chemicals, product overuse and — most importantly — hair thinning, hair loss and aging.

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